Tuesday, December 18, 2012

StickyMon XMas Sale!

Hey all, not gonna bore you too much with the details, but I owe a student loan payment on the 25th, Christmas! And I obviously don't have enough to cover it so I'm doing a special sale now that'll take place only for december! 
If you want in on these stupid crazy deals then let me know right away, 
I'm making a capacity limit of 10 people for now, depending on what they all ask for and want I might open it up to more if its possible. 
And limit 2 images per person, so it can be two full characters, or two busts, or one of each. No backgrounds or super involved complex poses.
I take paypal, the email is the exact same as my contact email: myforbiddenfiction@gmail.com (one day I'll change that stupid name)
And my other commissions will continue to be worked on as well, I'll just push it harder. Wouldn't normally do this but I kinda want to make this payment. Thanks for any help anyone can muster, now back to your regularly scheduled fapping.


  1. I'll take two character color illustrations.

    Can I decide who tomorrow?

  2. So, are these the prices as is, or is it "minus $10 from the normal price"?