Monday, July 9, 2012

The Rogues Gallery

And here is the follow up to my Heroes post (btw, in this universe I haven't fully fleshed out yet there is some event that causes a bunch of people to turn into mutants just fyi):

Maniac, a rival to Attack-Girl she is a variety of maniacs including klepto, pyro, and nympho. She thrives on anarchy and burdened by her persistent genital arousal disorder, allowing her to constantly be in a state of arousal or orgasm and blinding her from the actual dangers she puts herself in. She's also well versed in combat with her electrically charged dildo staff.

The Tenta-Killer, a scientist and serial flasher who tried to find a cure for the mutation epidemic but accidentally transformed himself into a tentacle covered monstrosity! With his mind gone he's succumbed to his self-exposing desire's and continues to flash unsuspecting victims and follow it up with some tentacle action.

Satin Satan, a mutant creation or a creature of more supernatural origins? No one is sure but she comes well equipped with a handful of psychic powers and the ability to grow a penis on demand whenever she's in a "giving" mood.

The One-Eyed Monster, a poor innocent man turned mutant whilst masturbating. Now when calm he is a normal human being, but once too aroused by something he transforms into a giant blue skinned one-eyed monster with a raging hard on. Having incredible strength and stamina, this destructive beast can only be stopped if he reaches climax and is thus allowed to return to his natural human state.

Definitely had fun with these, in the future I'll try to come up with some new ones.

all characters (c) stickymon

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  1. This project looks so good, good luck with it...